Friday, December 15, 2006

If a stone can roll, a stone can poll!

Inspired by Calvin's urge to 'mess with data' and fueled by my undying thirst for systematic documentation (largely of meaningful but un-describeable emotion-like things)....allow me to introduce...the POLLING STONE.

See fancy pink haired box in side-bar? This will, over time, host a series of soul-searching questions. Votes towards each question, shall be counted automatically, analysed manually and gift-wrapped digitally, only to be re-posted (with notable highlights) for your perusal. New polls will replace old ones on an irregular basis, depending on my work-eat-sleep pattern. Much like a good South-Indian 'meals', voting is UNLIMITED, thereby giving the Election Commission a run for it's money. Needless to say, I sincerely hope the results will shatter myths, long-held beliefs and what's left of my 'brains'...

The season-opening poll is based on the theme: 'Let's Help Hamlet Help Himself'. Voting is please help himself...


Blogger Siddharth Nair said...

you have wayyy too much free time!


nice name, though!

12:17 am  
Blogger pari said...

Its confirmed. You're an ass.

5:19 am  
Blogger apucalypse now said...

**big irritating cow grin** Thank you.

11:02 pm  

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