Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Now Brown Cow? How?

It happens to me so many times. Often when I'm sitting doing nothing and my mind's drawing a blank (only the supremely creative can do this, mind you. It's truly the toughest to draw a non-drawing, and it's a gift to draw it well), that's when these evil words pop into the frame. The funny part is, in almost all cases there is never a cow...or mention of one...or anything remotely related (not even everyday milk products). The not-so-funny part is, the four words start doing a jig in my head...complete with sound...and then I'm doomed. It's like the devil's in my brain. And I can't get it out.

Another funny thing is the way I must look at this point to a passer-by. Talking intently to my imaginary cow (not really limiting my curiosity about "how?" and "why now?" to the confines of my head). The not-so-funny part here is the point at which their chuckling turns to an expression of horror...and they throw their vegetables...and run away in a zig-zag pattern.

On second thought, it is funny.

Anyway, so that happened just now. Not the freaky vegetable people. The devil bit. And I decided to give the dark confines of my mind a rest and google it instead. There I learned that "How now brown cow" is a phrase used in elocution teaching to demonstrate rounded vowel sounds, especially to small children.
That just killed it for me.
THAT was the answer to my phenomenal question. I would've preferred "42" if an unglamorous answer is what I was looking for. But then thats the answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything. So I kept looking...and fortunately a few hits down came across Paul Davidson's tryst with his imaginary cow

Thankfully, the devil lives on. A bit more twisted than before.


Blogger Mandakini said...

Ive been trying to convince a certain someone (known to you as well...but i will not take names ) that evil laughter is denoted in text form as moo-ha-ha-ha- and not boo-ha-ha-ha . And I see that you share my belief :)

12:56 am  
Blogger Zyphersurfer said...

gawd ! u re crazy!

i never knew u were allowed to say all of the crap that swirls in ur head out in public! but then. u re something of a pioneer!

hee hee. IT IS FUNNY.. :)

2:44 pm  
Blogger apucalypse now said...

maindak, it's you :)

Yes, DTP-dlip (mooahahahah! now it's out in the open) is trying very hard to start an alternative evil-laughter club, which no one seems to be joining.
Result... she sits alone in the corner pretending to have fun... like a baby Asura would when other normal human babies wouldn't want to play with it.

What can I say. It livens up the place. Visitors think it's some form of expressionist theatre. The rest of us laugh evil laughs in our heads...

1:48 am  
Blogger Mandakini said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! oh joy.....the mu-hahaha debate settled.... :) baby asuras being talked about....eveil laughter clubs being started...it seriously doesnt get better :)

1:00 am  

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